Other ways to relax

Other ways to relax

Drink less and deal with stress
Drink less and have a laugh
Drink less activities

There are lots of ways to relax and drink less

When people think about relaxing or having fun, often the first thing that comes to mind is having a drink, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only option. If you take a few minutes to look at some of the many other ways that you can let your hair down, you might find something that you really enjoy and helps you feel good too.

Whether you’re at home or out and about, we’ve put together some great suggestions of ways to unwind and enjoy yourself that don’t rely on you having a drink. Things to do, places to go and much more, take a look.

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Drink less and deal with stress

Stress can be caused by all kinds of things. Whether it’s problems at work, a busy home life or something completely different, there are lots of things you can try to make yourself feel better.

Drinking alcohol to ease stress usually only makes things worse. So next time you start to feel stressed, don’t reach for a drink try one of these instead:

Think about why you’re stressed

Once you know what’s making you feel tense, anxious and uncomfortable then you can start to try and put things right. Taking control of the situation will help you feel calmer and more positive about the future.

Talk to someone

It’s true what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. Talk to a friend or family member about why you’re stressed. Getting it off your chest can be a really productive way to ease your troubles and help you see things in a different way.

Have a laugh

If you don’t feel like talking about why you’re stressed, you don’t have to, just spending some time having fun with friends can do a lot of good. It can help you relax and take your mind off whatever is making you feel stressed.

Work off the stress

Being more active might not make your stress completely disappear, but it can help you clear your head, lift your mood and give you something positive to focus on.

Try a little ‘me time’

Sometimes a busy life can mean that we neglect ourselves and don’t spend enough time doing things that we enjoy. This can lead to a build up of stress that can be relieved by setting aside a couple of nights a week for some quality “me time”.  Planning ahead helps you keep the time free and will also give you something to look forward to.

Challenge yourself

Setting yourself a goal like walking more, learning a new language or taking up a new activity can be a great stress reliever. If you don’t feel in control of your life at the moment, taking control of a new challenge can be really empowering.

Accept the things you can’t change

There are some things in life you can’t change. Fighting against these things will only end up making you feel stressed and frustrated. Instead, try to focus on parts of your life that you can control and make it your mission to make these things the best they can be. Accepting that you can’t change everything will help release you from a lot of unnecessary stress.

Doing good makes you feel good

Evidence shows that people who help others often deal with stress better. This is because helping others with their problems can help you put your situation into perspective. Doing a good deed also lifts your mood, whether it’s something like helping someone pack their shopping or doing some volunteering.

Work smarter, not harder

Prioritising the things you need to do (whether at home or at work) can help you take control of your ‘to do’ list. Finding ways to concentrate on the most important things first and accepting that the less important things may need to wait a little longer, can free you from the stress of trying to do too many things at once.

Always look on the bright side

When you’re feeling stressed it’s easy to focus too much on the negative and forget the good things that happen. If something good happens, make a note of it, celebrate the little wins and focus on the positive. Thinking positive helps you feel positive.

Don’t turn to unhealthy habits

Some people turn to alcohol, smoking or caffeine as a way of coping with stress. Although this may provide temporary relief, it often only makes things worse in the long run. These things don’t help solve your problems and usually only end up causing new ones. Stay strong, be positive and you can ease stress while drinking less.

Breathe some stress away

It’s amazing what a difference a few minutes of breathing exercises can make to your stress levels. This calming breathing technique for stress, anxiety and panic only takes just a few minutes and can be done anywhere. Doing this regularly, as part of your daily routine will help you get the most out of it.

You can do it standing up, sitting in a chair that supports your back, or lying on a bed/yoga mat on the floor.

  • Get as comfortable as you can.
  • Make sure to loosen any clothes that may restrict your breathing.
  • If you’re lying down, place your arms near your sides, with your palms facing up. Let your legs be straight or bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor.
  • If you’re sitting down, put your arms on the arms of the chair and place both feet flat on the floor.
  • Whether you’re sitting or standing, keep your feet roughly hip-width apart.
  • Let your breath flow as deep down into your belly as is comfortable, without forcing it.
  • Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Breathe in gently and regularly. Some people find it helpful to count steadily from one to five. You may not be able to reach five at first.
  • Then, without pausing or holding your breath, let it flow out gently, counting from one to five again, if you find this helpful.
  • Doing this for three to five minutes at a time should help you feel calm and relaxed.

Drink less and have a laugh

Drinking less doesn’t have to mean less fun. There are all sorts of ways to enjoy yourself without needing to drink. Whatever you’re into, whether you’d like something to do with friends or somewhere to take the family, there’s something for everyone.

These aren’t necessarily ‘alcohol-free’ activities, they’re just places you can go where alcohol isn’t centre stage. You can enjoy all these activities whether you have a drink or not.

Fun and games

It’s incredible to see just how many different gaming activities have popped up across Liverpool over the past few years. There are escape rooms, mini golf, climbing walls, laser tag and more to choose from.

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Concerts and shows

Jokes, music, theatre and the arts… Liverpool wasn’t named capital of culture for nothing! If you’re looking for a change from the usual bars and clubs, why not watch some live music, catch a show or enjoy some stand up in a city that’s famed for its comedy.

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From the industrial revolution to The Beatles, football and the Titanic, our city has such a rich and entertaining history. A visit to any of these great museums and galleries is a great way to spend a day.

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Sights and landmarks

Not every city can boast such a rich mixture of beautiful scenery, docks, landmarks and green spaces. Even if you’ve lived here all your life, there are all sorts of hidden gems you can find and explore.

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You’ll be amazed at what there is to see and explore right on your doorstep. Take a tour and find out more about the history of the city. You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy the sites of Liverpool!
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Outdoor activities

Rather than spending your days at home or in a bar, why not step outside and enjoy some fun fresh air activities? Golf, horseback riding, zorbing and water sports… there’s tons of exciting stuff you can do.

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Nature and parks

Taking a break from the urban areas of the city now and then can be a good way to unwind. Try getting back to nature and exploring local scenic pathways and gardens.

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When it comes to relaxing, it’s hard to beat visiting a local spa. Whether it’s stress at work or at home, getting away to a tranquil space can be even more relaxing than a drink.

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Getting active

Why not make a really positive step and swap drinking for being active. This will help you feel even better! You don’t have to do anything too strenuous, going for a walk is a good way to start.

Click here to visit www.fitforme.info for details of free local activities, special offers and motivational support

A City of Culture

Enrich your mind, body and soul with cultural events happening all across Liverpool. There’s always something to see and do here.

Click here to visit Culture Liverpool to see what’s happening and get out there and join in

Drink less and enjoy a night out

If you’re trying to drink less, finding good places to meet friends after 5pm can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. We’ve put together a handy list of places that you can go and have a laugh with your friends, without feeling out of place for not drinking.

The Egg Cafe

Top Floor, 16-18 Newington, Liverpool, L1 4ED
Open until 10.30pm, 7 days a week

Leaf on Bold Street

65-67 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ
Open until 12am Sun-Thu, 2pm on Fri-Sat

Café Tabac

126 Bold Street, Merseyside, Liverpool, L1 4JA
Open until 12am Sun-Wed, 1am Thu-Sat

The Brink

The country’s first non-alcoholic venue. Community cafe/bar with non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies and hot and cold snacks, plus live music.
21 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN
Open until 8pm Mon-Sat, 7pm Sun

Soul Café and Bar

114 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY
Mon-Thu 7pm, Fri-Sat 10pm, Sun 8pm

Brasco Lounge

27a Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 1BP
Open until 11pm Mon-Sun

Neighbourhood Café

261 Woolton Road, Allerton, L16 8NA
Open until 10pm Tue-Fri, 10.30pm Sat

Barley and Beans

17 Hatton Garden, L3 2FE
Open until 8pm every day