When you drink

Try changing when you drink

The times you drink can have a big effect on how much alcohol you drink. Changing how you drink at different times is a great way to start drinking less.

Try drink free days

You could try taking some time off from alcohol or choosing not to drink for a couple of days each week to give your body a break and help it to ‘reset’.

Dinner only drinking

A simple way to drink less and cut back on the calories is to wait until you eat before having a drink. Drinking with food slows down how fast you drink, as well as the rate that your body absorbs alcohol. If you stop drinking when you finish eating you give your body more time to process the alcohol before you go to bed which means you’ll also get a better night’s sleep!

Find a way to relax that doesn’t involve having a drink

We all need ways to unwind from our busy lives.  Drinking alcohol may make you feel relaxed at the time but can make you feel worse afterwards.  Simple activities like doing some exercise, reading, playing music, having a bath, cooking something new or making time for a hobby can all help you wind down.  Find what works for you.

Eat before you go out

Eating a meal before you start drinking helps slow down how quickly your body absorbs alcohol. This helps you stay in control and less likely to crave junk later in the night.

Don’t spoil your night before it even begins

Merseyside Police are working with bars to make sure that anyone who is clearly drunk doesn’t get served alcohol. Make sure your night doesn’t get cut short by drinking less before you go out or waiting until you go out to have a drink. Find out more at www.drinklessenjoymore.co.uk

Give yourself an excuse to drink less

Special occasions like birthdays, weddings and christenings are happy times when it’s easy to get carried away, but giving yourself an excuse to drink less or leave early can help. Some good ways to do this include offering to be the designated driver or arranging something important for the following morning.

Delay your first drink

A lot of people don’t think about how long they actually spend drinking. One way to drink less is to put off having your first drink until later. For example if you wait until 7 or 8 o’clock to take your first drink rather than starting at 5 o’clock, you are likely to drink less.

Look for other ways to spend quality time with your friends and family

Liverpool is a vibrant city with a fantastic selection of things to do, places to explore and exciting events that can take the focus away from alcohol. Next time you’re planning to spend time with family and friends, check out www.visitliverpool.com for inspiration.