Fact or fiction?

Fact or fiction?

With all the rumours and hearsay about drinking alcohol, it can be easy to get confused about what advice you should follow. To help clear things up a little bit, we’ve pulled together the truth behind some of the most popular myths. Knowing these facts can help you make healthier choices.

“Wine goes bad overnight”

If you find yourself finishing a bottle of wine because you’re worried it won’t taste nice the next day – you don’t have to. Some people believe that wine doesn’t keep, but the truth is most wines last for a couple of days if you use a bottle stop.

“Wine and beer are safer than spirits”

It can be surprising to find out after years of drinking, but it doesn’t matter whether you drink beers, wines or spirits they can all contain the same amount of alcohol, depending on the drink size and strength. All alcoholic drinks cause the same problems.

“Red wine is good for you”

Although media stories that red wine is good for you are very popular, the catchy headlines can be misleading. Many of the studies quoted in these stories have limitations or flaws that cast doubt on their findings. Alcohol including red wine should not be promoted as a way to improve health. The way to enjoy a longer, healthier life is to drink less alcohol, eat a healthier diet, exercise more and quit smoking.

“Guinness is healthy because it boosts your iron levels.”

Regularly drinking any type of alcohol isn’t considered good for your health. Luckily, there are lots of safer, healthier ways to increase your iron levels without drinking alcohol. Try eating things such as spinach or other leafy green vegetables. Lentils, kidney beans and dried fruit are also great sources of iron.