How much you drink

Try changing how much you drink

These tips are usually people’s favourite way to drink less because you don’t need to change what you’re doing too much.

Swapping to a small glass makes a big difference

Switching to a small glass can really help you start drinking less as well as cutting your calories in half. Making your wine a spritzer with soda water can help too.

Try small bottles of wine

An easy way to start drinking less is buying smaller bottles of wine. When you buy a full-size bottle of wine, there is always a temptation to finish the bottle. There is a much bigger selection of single serve bottles of wine nowadays which will help you keep a closer tab on what you are drinking without feeling like you’re missing out.

Keep wine for longer

Why not save some wine until tomorrow? Most wine keeps for a couple of days if you use a bottle stop.

Keep an eye on home measures

It’s easy for a single to become a triple if you’re not paying attention. Try and make sure that you, your partner and friends are keeping an eye on how much is being poured into each drink. Buying yourself a drinks measure is also a great way to keep your measures under control.

Can you have one less?

Each time you have a drink, ask yourself “Can I have one less?”

Less alcohol = less calories

It’s shocking to see how many calories are hidden in alcohol. Cutting out a drink here and there can really reduce calories and help you lose weight. For every large glass of wine you don’t drink, you’ll save 235 calories. For every pint, you’ll save 180 calories. Avoiding spirits and mixers can save you lots of calories too.

Try not to drink out of habit

Think about whether you ever automatically drink out of routine (after a long day, for example). These are the drinks that you may hardly be aware of that can make the amount that you drink over a week creep up. Some people find it helpful to identify these occasions and think what they could do to break these habits and change their routine.

Drinking less gives you more energy

Drinking too much can make you feel tired, sluggish and generally a bit under the weather. Drink less and it shouldn’t take too long before you notice that you have more energy.

Steer clear of rounds

Think of a good reason for avoiding rounds, and let your friends know before you start drinking. For example – you’re losing weight, you’re saving up, or you have something important to do in the morning. Another popular idea is only taking a limited amount of money (and no bank cards) out with you. If you don’t want to drink at all, you could offer to be the designated driver. This will help you stay in control of how much you’re drinking.